Video Art

Video installation | 1984

Collages of obituaries, applied on it gipsy doll heads, in the middle a screen, thereon runs a video. Charmi calls this as crit
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Video | U-matic | 1986

An essential characteristic of the art Charmis is the repetition of image and sound sequences. Repetition enhance poignancy.
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Video | U-matic | Video sculpture | 1987

To the superficial idyll of modern house fronts with balconies and stretched parasols reaches the frightening sound of approach
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Between Zero And One
Video | U-matic | 1987

An ear, a bald head in profile, from the right, from the left, multiplied; then heads of young people in prison clothes; then h
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Video sculpture | Seriography | 1989

Not even in color! Charmi has taken away the color and has compressed such image statements, and so win his "statements" a depr
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Eradicate | Episode 1
Video for Beam | U-matic HB | 1991

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Collage | Stopmotion | 1985

The task of the media and communication devices is to say, how we see the world
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