Internet Art

Net art | 1988-2018

An interactive project exploring the correspondence of colors, vocals and letters

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Faces of Gaarden
Net art | 2015

net art | Action in public space
What happens when a face is photographed, then split in half, and these halves are each put together twice? Then you can see virtual faces, each with two left and two right halves,

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Net art | 1998

The reality of abstraction
and the abstraction of reality
The Internet is here a means of artistic expression and at the same time an exhibition venue, public art, which has

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Culture and Society Potal | since 2014

The culture and society porta GAARDIAN is designed for the district Gaarden of Kiel. Locally relevant information of the numerous district-specific institutions and initiatives

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Net art | 2015

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Net art | 2006

The growing desire for a medically-suggested ideal of beauty runs through all social classes and increases delusional to a cosmetic-operative fixation of ones own adolescence

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