Excavation     |     Printography     |     2014

"Only on closer inspection, the decorative works lead to thinking about problem areas of life. Charmis art, formulated with measured restraint, is a protest against war and violence."

In the unilaterally oriented world order and its determinative social leadership, events that shape the existence become constantly a habit or vanish into oblivion; nevertheless, they authoritatively and constitutively shape our presence.
The media-reflected and on the Internet circulating graphical information of these events are processed as found footage to basic patterns.
These patterns form an ornamentation, which are merged to the architectural development of the image and which condensed into structures of our capitalistic and catastrophic signed situation.
The rhythmic impulses of the ornament and its summing and affective or suggestive effect by repetition bring to mind the need for a way out and a progressive solution.
Nevertheless, the peaceful signs of a religion are ensconced in these parables. Repetition is also a characteristic of the ornament, and this belongs as a typeface and abstract form to the essence of Islamic art, which has been formally placed here as the basis of the "excavation".