Internet Art

Clinic     |     Net art     |     2006

In cooperation with Patricia Bolf-Charmi

The growing desire for a medically-suggested ideal of beauty runs through all social classes and increases delusional to a cosmetic-operative fixation of ones own adolescence over the entire age of life.
The desire to depict subjective individuality is no longer limited to the imitation of an "elite" as it has been observed for centuries, but in the age of available information, also accesses distant cultures and their traditional practices.

The interactive net art project provides a database of digital body parts. Upon registration, the user receives a virtual budget for acquiring the offered body graphics. By uploading own graphics, which are made available to the database and other users, each user can increase their budget.
With digital tools, users can assemble their acquired body parts ad libitum. The final result is fixed as a graphic and displayed in the "gallery". The users have the opportunity to evaluate these works and to vote on them.