Internet Art

Faces of Gaarden     |     Net art     |     2015

net art | Action in public space
Concept and realization: Shahin Charmi, Patricia Bolf-Charmi

What happens when a face is photographed, then split in half, and these halves are each put together twice? Then you can see virtual faces, each with two left and two right halves, with rational or emotional expression, just as it is in the brain. The differences are in nuances, but they are there. And because that is so, looking at the "faces of Gaarden" invites you to engage with yourself, and perhaps not with yourself, to examine which self one actually is.

The photographic portraits were part of the art campaign "Gaarden Transmedial" in remembrance of the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. The event took place inside and outside of a former war bunker in Kiel-Gaarden.

Faces of Gaarden:

Projection mapping on bunker: