Revolution and War     |     Mural     |     1987-1989     |     17 meter     |     17 meter

The mural "Revolution and War" was designed by Shahin Charmi in 1987-1989 and realized on a former war bunker in Kiel (Germany). The concept Charmis for the project "Facade Design" has included the social aspects of a contribution to society in addition to the historical reappraisal and artistic implementation. Contributors in this project (Thomas Benecke, Achim Gnischwitz, Heike Manthey, Ralf Priese and Reinhard Suedel) were in that time trained by the artist.
The theme of the work was chosen by the artist in relation to the 70th Jubilee of the Marine's Mutiny of the Kiel Revolution in 1918 and the anniversary of the assassination of Rosa Luxemburg.
Walter Ehlert

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