Dissolving     |     Printography     |     1988     |     21 cm.     |     21 cm.

By recalculating a digital image, the processes of abstraction from (color) source values to (color) averages values - till to dissolution - become visible.

A program scans individual pixels and their surrounding pixels of a digital image and calculates the color average. The color value of the original pixel is now replaced by this new color value. The process continues until the last pixel of the image contains a new color value. The new drawn image is saved and the process begins repeatedly with the scan of the newly created pixels. In each phase, the original image is abstracted into colored areas, until the last state merges into a single area of averages of the entire process. The individual images, combined to form an animation, explains the processes. Printographies of each image make the color nuances of each phase visible.

Dr. Wolfgang Schmidt, Museum of Gladbeck, 1990