Dissolving 1     |     Printography     |     1988     |     21 cm.     |     21 cm.

In the 34-part graphic series, the zoom effect of a self-portrait of the artist initially seems to lead to a well-known perception game; but from image to image the more complex content becomes clearer, a seemingly simple idea turns out to be a visualization of optical phenomena and processes. The sequential dissolution of a realistic into an abstract image shows parallels to the development of modern art (Renaissance to early 20th century), realized with the tools of contemporary electronic art. A surprising element is thereby, for example, that the "light point" of the eye at the end of the zoom is not any more in the center of the image.
Finally, the animation video condenses the message of the sequence: on the one hand through the filmic possibility of the retrograde and forward zooms, on the other through the further development of the theme in the run-up and final sequence up to the "dissolution" into the black square.
The idea and visual implementation as well es the acoustic support were recognised as a self-contained and consistent artwork.
Dr. Wolfgang Schneider
Awarded first prize in the international computer art competition "Golden Plotter 1990“ in Germany, in collection of the Museum Stadt Gladbeck, Germany