Installation | Video | Collage | Germany | 1985

Collages of obituaries, applied on it gipsy doll heads, in the middle a screen, thereon runs a video. Charmi calls this as critical as well as ironic: Monotypical Individualism.

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Between zero and one
Installation | Video | Printogarphy | Germany | 1988

Standing in the middle of the room, one is surrounded. The walls around are papered with gray computer printouts: raster images of policemen with helmet and shield.

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Installation | Video | Printography | Germany | 1990

An American documentary, showing the inmates passage from death row to execution, served Charmi as source material. On seven monitors, stacked to a high column, this movie sequence runs off.

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In the Belly of the Whale
Icarus in Babel

Installation | Video | Seriography | Austria | 2003

The walls threatens the viewer, a lot of gun barrels aim at him. The installation suggests complete alienation through alienated crying and screaming.

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